You lay here next to me
Almost lifeless
I want to touch you
Kiss you
Feel you
Be near you
But fear awakening you
I lay here still beside your almost lifeless body
Pining, wanting, begging for more
Not to disturb your innocent dreams
Eyes closed shut
I beg, plead, pine
For you to push closer
Inch by inch closer
Till we are one
Eyes closed, bodies melted together
One, one entity, being, person
Breathe match, rising of chest
Pressed tighter together
One, one soul, one person, together
I pin, I beg, I want, I wait
For you to awake.

Sex outside

I just had sex outside of my parents house (sorry to my followers that actual know me)

But I think I may be allergic to their grass. I’m all itchy now :|

Talk dirty to me.

Anyone wanna move into the Pittsburgh area?

Could possibly need some new roommates within the next month if anyone is interested or have friends who might be let me know and I can give you details.

Things I’d love to do right now

1) Smoke a bowl

2) Go lingerie shopping

3) Sex*

4) Eat

5) Have someone to do all these amazing things with. 

*sex is optional  

Let’s fuck.